Access to books is key to increased reading

Imagine a world where most of your time in front of a screen was spent reading or listening to books. How would that change you? How would that change the future?

Nextory is a frontrunner in the digitization of books

Founded by experienced entrepreneurs and backed by some of Sweden’s most recognized investors, we make books readily accessible to the public by offering audiobooks and e-books from some of the world’s largest publishing houses.

  • 600 000+

    audiobooks and e-books in the app

  • 100+

    employees working at Nextory

  • 2015

    founded in Sweden

  • 2021

    launched in 8 countries

  • Our product

    Nextory was founded based on the idea that reading should be affordable and accessible for everyone. We’ve realized the idea by offering an easy-to-use app with a large selection of audiobooks and e-books. To make it as easy as possible, we offer unlimited streaming at a flat rate.

Great exposure for publishers

Nextory is a great channel for publishers to display their content to new audiences. Catalogues are exposed for a long period of time, allowing readers to thoroughly explore the books on display.

  • Bonnier
  • Harper Collins
  • Natur-o-kultur
  • Norstedts
  • Pirat Forlaget
  • Harper Collins
  • An app for the future

    The app can be used on smartphones and tablets, and combines a dynamic e-book reader and an audiobook player. Each user gets personalized book recommendations based on their reading habits. Having a data driven approach, we’re able to continuously iterate and improve our service, creating an engaging experience for both readers and associated publishers.